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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Training in Malaysia

What's Your Say?

Human capital development, in particularly training and development, is an interesting topic that draws different views and feelings. 3A wishes to invite your frank thoughts on two burning questions:-

1. Are Malaysian trainers that bad?
2. Are clients more interested in the freebies than the knowledge and credibility of the trainer?

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Training - Consulting - Technology Transfer - Business Brokerage

How Do We Collaborate?

It is best to first clarify the relationships of the collaborating parties. 3A will be known as “The Principal” while the technical expertise will be known as “The Associate”. Officially, the collaboration is known as “The Alliance”. A Memorandum of Alliance (MOA) shall be executed as the instrument of collaboration. The MOA is renewable upon expiry, after which the performance and contribution of the Associate will be reviewed and the collaboration reaffirmed.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits to the Associate are:-

1. Limited alliances, not more than 2 for each sector and sub-sector.
2. Term of alliance is 3 years renewable upon anniversary.
3. Promotion and publicity of The Associate’s field of expertise and consulting services.
4. Use of the initial “3A Associate (country)” behind the name to enhance the credibility of The Associate.
5. Use of 3A logo, proven systems and strategies.
6. The office / facility of The Associate shall be promoted as “Associate Office” under 3A
7. 3A as the gateway to vast market in Asia.
8. Technical exchange and brokerage between The Associates of 3A.
9. Arrangement for free talk / networking for The Associate who travels to the countries of fellow Associates in Asia.

The Qualifying Criteria

3A strives to provide only the best of Asia. To ensure the best, a stringent set of qualifying criteria is applied base on which interested professionals are evaluated:-

1. Interested professionals must have more than 8 years of direct experience and exposure in the related fields of expertise (note that the term “professional” is used to reflect relevant qualification and necessary term and duration of practice).
2. The individual must have a company or organisation as the vehicle of alliance.
3. Preference will be given to those assuming key position in international, national or non-governmental agency.

How Can We Start?

Interested professionals / organizations who share the passion of 3A in pursuit of advancement, can now advance beyond their fields and capitalize on the network dedicated to the advancement of mankind.

Step 1 Make a formal express of interest to 3A Principal Office in Malaysia. All interests can be emailed to myocho@asianally.com and myocho.3a@gmail.com
Step 2 State the unique field of expertise.
Step 3 Submit a comprehensive biodata together with past clientele served.
Step 4 Upon receiving of the application, the Board of Directors together with the Board of Governors (if necessary), shall review and approve the application.
Step 5 Further requests for clarification if needed.
Step 6 A Memorandum of Alliance (MOA) shall be executed to formally commence the alliance.